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Who we are

We provide several services in environmental conservation. We play a key role in the efforts toward attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals concerning the environment.


We are at the forefront championing the global agenda of all activities put forth to conserve the environment and combat adverse environmental disasters including global warming. We employ use of modern technologies in Seed Germination and Water Drilling to ensure accelerated efforts in conserving our environment for the common good of our communities.

Our work is to majorly provide environmental conservation services including tree planting and water drilling. FOWAC empowers local communities in forests and water resource management with the aim of enhancing accessibility and supply of fresh water and growth of forest-related ecosystems. This water can be put into domestic or agricultural use.

Our Mission

To establish an effective network of collaborators in environmental conservation and distribution of safe drinking water to communities.

Our Vision

To integrate water and forest management as a foundation for the creation of a safe and sustainable supply of both water and forest ecosystem services that benefit local communities.


Jacob Mukula Ndunda


CEO at Fowac

  • Has over 10 years industrial and managerial experience.
  • Registered with the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).


Adrian Zwahlen


Technical director at Fowac

  • Mr Zwahlen is a brilliant inventor, and a visionary entrepreneur with vast experience in rehabilitation, revitalization and construction of hydropower plants.
  • He is an expert in water supply, wastewater management and the brain behind the new seed packaging technology.


Angellina K Muinde


COO at Fowac

  • C.O.O firm of Joe N Mwanthi & Co Advocate since 2015 to 2020.
  • She is also an established business lady and an investor.
  • Mrs Muinde also worked as the Chief Operations Officer in the firm of J.M. Mutinda advocate since 2001 to 2014.