Myforest is a venture aiming at increasing vegetation cover in Kenya through collaboration between FOWAC LTD and other parties as the National and County governments. Kenya forest Cover is about 7.4% which falls short of the recommended 10%. The world loses more than 7,000 square meters of tree cover per second, according to the latest research.

Deforestation is responsible for about 8% of global CO2 emissions, according to the World Resources Institute. Burning or cutting down trees reverses the effects of carbon sequestration and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.Deforestation, result into animals losing their habitats and migrating to other area with forest cover.


Why we Have Passion to Save Forests

The importance of both forest and water resources in KENYA cannot be overstated. These resources are mutually linked and not only do forests act as reservoirs for rain water, but also filter close to half of our drinking water.

In order for soil to achieve its optimal capacity in filtration and storage of rain water, there must be an active and prudent forest management practice. An appropriate proportion of deciduous tree cover has a huge and positive influence on the soil.

Regular maintenance and proper harvesting techniques ensure that the forests remain stable and less susceptible to adverse storm effects. This can also prevent the forest soil from being torn apart by falling trees and prevent extensive collapses with subsequent nitrate release into water protection zones.

Kenya’s place in biodiversity is commendable.

The country with 120 forest types offers an enormous diversity of habitats influenced by different altitudes, climate and different forms of management.