MyForests is a venture aiming at increasing vegetation cover in Kenya through collaboration between FOWAC LTD and other parties as the National and County governments. Kenya forest Cover is about 7.4% which falls short of the recommended 10%. Read more

Water Drilling


At FOWAC Ltd, we are at the fore front employing use of modern technologies for water drilling and prospecting. Our systems have been tried and tested in drilling water in some of the remotest parts of the country. Read more



Afforestation could be defined as the planting of trees where there was previously none .Degradation of forests leads to a decrease in oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In order to make up for the loss, we plant more trees. Read more



Reforestation could be defined as the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests that have been depleted, through deforestation activities. Reforestation is effective because a single tree can absorb as much as 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year and… Read more

Community Based Management


This approach is linking and working with governmental forest agencies ,local community and other Environmental Organizations in efforts to regenerate degraded forests, reforests deforested areas, and decrease carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Read more

Seed Packaging Technology

seed planting

The innovative idea of a seed packet is that within the saturation substrate (growth environment) there are several kinds of seeds that all grow at different times each for a given purpose, namely: Grass, flower and tree seeds.