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At FOWAC LTD we are at the fore front employing use of modern technologies for water drilling and prospecting. Our systems have been tried and tested in drilling water in some of the remotest parts of the country. Our engineers are highly trained on the processes and procedures including community engagement and environment conservation. Our goal as always is to provide a sustainable supply of hygienically safe drinking water and drinking water hotspots.


    1. Site Evaluation

In a first step, possible drilling points are evaluated and a purchase agreement is concluded directly with the property owners. The water price, the water demand and the costs of drilling the well are important criteria in the project calculation.

    • Well drilling

Already during the drilling of the well the acquired area is surrounded by a strong fence. At the same time, the necessary foundations for the 20-foot container and water storage tank, including digging work for the water pipe and electrical connection, will be constructed

    • Operation

At the side or at one end of one or more containers there is a water supply or tapping point, similar to a petrol station. The water is dispensed on prepayment, a sophisticated prepaid system. Each tap is equipped with a contactless card reader. The water consumer can use his or her mobile phone to load a certain amount onto his or her card via the administration office.

Production, water deliveries, disturbances or unforeseen events are transmitted online. A further advantage of the prepaid card system is that, in the event of a water shortage, consumer purchases can be reduced on a solidarity basis.

  1. The local plant operating personnel will be trained on a regular basis.
  2. In the first year of operation, the population will jointly plant the agreed forest area, and in the future will care for and maintain it.
    • Commitment

At FOWAC we are committed to ensure we help in fighting to enhance our communities both socially and economically through provision of eco-services through sustainable conserving environment and provision of water resource.Read some of our documents here.

    1. Water kiosks, services centre.
    2. Water and hotspots.
    3. Decentralized water hotspots for Kenya.
    4. Clean water is one human right.